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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  March 30, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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call then an all day search on a highway. juliette goodrich has the story. >> reporter: talk about caught on tape. directly behind me one of the neighbors has four surveillance cameras mounted on top of his home. once you see those cameras just think of this. all of the action happened right in front of his house. let's go to the tape. i'll show you what he caught on his camera. you can see one of the police cars diving down leeward street. the police car then rams into the suspect vehicle, the vehicle is a dark burgundy cherokee, a jeep cherokee. all of the suspects running outside of the vehicle. police giving chase. one of the suspects falling down on the street while police are trying to chase the other suspects down the road. again, this happening caught on surveillance tape at about 8:43 a.m. this morning in what is typically a very quiet neighborhood. this hayward neighborhood
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covered in police activity and search dogs looking for three burglary suspects in broad daylight. a police car rammed into the suspect's jeep. the suspects then took off on foot. >> it was a pretty significant collision and as much as the suspects drove directly into the officer head on, he was taken to the hospital as well. >> reporter: at one point police thought one of the suspects was hiding in a house. >> i think they were thinking they were in our backyard or in the field behind us. >> reporter: just before noon police caught one of the suspects. >> we did locate one subject hiding in an out building in an area where he was described to have fled. >> reporter: a rash of recent home invasions has neighbors here on edge. >> i think it is very scary especially when we have all these kids running around and playing and riding bikes. >> reporter: laura owns a daycare. >> came outside to see what was going on. and discovered all of this. >> did you send the kids home? >> no, but i have them locked
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up in my house and we keep coming out periodically to see what is going on. >> reporter: we are going to show you this surveillance video again. the neighbor didn't want to go on camera for obvious reasons because police are certainly looking at his videotape to try to catch these suspects. at this point right now two of the suspects are in custody. one of them is still at large. if you look at the videotape you can actually see the police car going down leeward street and then ramming into the jeep cherokee. the suspects getting out of the car and running down the street and the police giving chase. we are told that all of the suspects are african-american with dreadlocks. one of them still again at large and police have allowed the neighbors to go back into the vicinity. they believe this one suspect is probably way out of the area right now. >> they pulled out all the stops to try to catch these suspects. now, we could clearly see the vehicle's license plate number. are police willing to i.d.
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them at this point. >> reporter: dana, the reason why this person purchased all of this is because his car was broken into last week and his neighbor's house across the street was burglarized the week before. they will use this to try to catch the one suspect at large. >> that's better video than often what we get here in the studio. juliette goodrich, thank you. another probaseball player today testified he received performance enhancing drugs from greg anderson, barry bonds' trainer. he is the fourth witness to admit he got a substance in 2002 from anderson that he knew to be a steroid. his 16-year professional career included two years with the as. bonds is charged with lying to a grand jury that he never
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knowingly took steroids. prosecutors are bringing athletes to the stand to show anderson had access to steroids and that he informed the players about the drug and how to use them. before we ever saw a neighborhood in san bruno go up in flames, a solano county man was already conducting his own research about pipelines near his house. ann notarangelo on why he now says his area could see something just as bad as what happened on the peninsula. ann? >> reporter: he lives just off this path. yards from his home are two pg&e gas lines and then there is one jet fuel line that serves travis air force base. he got a federal government and today he talked about his findings. >> we want to see what condition these pipelines are. >> reporter: anthony wants assurances the pipelines that run by his house are safe. >> well, i live right next to it and i have seen that nobody seems to be concerned with these pipelines.
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and we sleep at night. if something happens i want to be sure it is not going to happen to me and if it is i'm going to move. >> reporter: in 2009 the retired lawrence lab worker got a grant to study the pipelines. the jet fuel pipeline follows the fence line and the pg&e lines run along the sidewalk. it all borders a number of neighborhoods. >> as far as we know we think that the pipelines are safe. they need to be inspected more. >> reporter: he says the lines were put in in 1959 and the newest one from 1968. he says a leak or explosion could be devastating along the lines of the san bruno explosion last year because one mishap could ignite the other pipelines. >> might say the same as like say san bruno. san bruno had more work done to
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it than ours have. these are older. and also they run at a higher pressure than san bruno. >> reporter: based on information he got from both pg&e and the military he says there is no guarantees these pipelines have been inspected thoroughly. >> they haven't been. we know they haven't been and it is actually older than san bruno. >> reporter: how do you know they haven't been inspected? >> because pg&e says they haven't been inspected. >> reporter: but pg&e says it does conduct regular inspections and stepped up its inspections since the san bruno blast. there are plans underway to relocate the jet fuel line across the street. anthony says is he not trying to pick a fight. >> we want cooperation and if the reports show something we will have it in there. if it shows nothing we will have it in there too. >> reporter: what else does he want? he wants the agency to to look at the report. he wants older pipelines replace. there might be some people who say you are just too close to the issue to be able to look
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objectively at it. >> if i was you would have to read my report and will you read i have been unbiased the whole times. we are not doing any gotchas on the military or pg&e. we are just showing the facts. >> reporter: he is applying for another grant so he can continue his work of studying the underground pipelines. two years ago when he first applied for a grant he was the other than personal applying for grant money to look at underground pipelines. now people are much more interested. there are 70 people applying for that money. >> get in line behind him. thank you, ann. there will be no ballot measure to extend temporary taxes in california. governor brown says no budget compromise is possible and he has broken off talks with republicans. so is there a plan b? phil matier went to sacramento to find out. phil? >> reporter: that's right, dana, no tax extensions, no special election in june and a
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looming deficit that just gets bigger by the day. the question is, what's next? >> that's a good question. >> where we go from here we should have done all along. >> reporter: the governor didn't make any public appearances today explaining what might be either he just issued a video that said. >> i will explore every possible avenue. there is more than one way to get to the goal and over the next several weeks and months i'm going to find a way to get our budget balanced. >> reporter: in other words we are back to square one with a long, long way to go. california will have to cut another $16 billion out of the budget. that's on top of the $11 billion they already cut for what could be a total whopping number of $27 billion in cuts. as for what will get hit --
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>> there are few options. >> reporter: democrats predict even more cuts to already hard hit programs in health and welfare. plus, this time cuts to public safety. and education as well. with more teacher layoffs, bigger classroom sizes and maybe even a shorter school year. >> maybe by a week, maybe by a month. >> how many weeks do you think? >> i'm not here to tell you i know but there will be an impact. >> it is easy to give some wild scenario that the world is going to come to an end if we live within our means. i just don't buy that. >> reporter: translation. governor jerry brown and democrats will have to take another look at their plan. they are going to probably have to do more surgical cuts. they are going to have to promise more reforms and they are going to have to try to get it done by june because that's when the fiscal year ends and that's when the budget is due and the only hope they will have of getting the voters getting it back in front of them before the end of the year is to still try to convince republicans that not now but later they have some plan that they can buy. >> the governor said this is
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going to hurt and it truly is. phil matier in sacramento. thank you. for weeks now it simply did not stop snowing and now we have the totals to prove it. what the monster snow cap means officially for that long- standing california drought. the rains have passed and the sun is shining but the threat of landslides is still very much with us. just ahead what is happening underground right now to keep that threat level high. rates? and with all this water and the problems that come with it, why is one bay area utility raising rates? ,,,,,,
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only at denny's. america's diner is always open. nearby homes. authorities a county's rising water levels on the san joaquin river are threatening nearby homes. authorities are asking 125 residents of four r.v.
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parks in newman to evacuate voluntaryly but most are refusing to go. a shelter was set up in patterson but last night it was empty. the rain plus snow runoff is keeping the river high and it is expected to stay that way for at least five more days. another big danger lingering from the recent storms. landslides, several slides in recent weeks have already forced people out of their homes. len ramirez on why one expert says more may be on their way. len? >> reporter: well, ken, the landslides are popping up all over the bay area right now including this one behind me here. just off sierra road in the east foothills of san jose. now, fortunately this slide which you can see here the earth just broke away and is going downhill in several spots there. this slide is in an area that is unpopulated but that is not the case with another slide in the almadden valley. the sun is out, clouds are gone and it has been days since the
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last rainfall but that doesn't mean the threat is gone. >> i don't know if it is safe to be in this house. >> reporter: she is talking about living on a landslide. slow moving but active enough to topple trees that fell on a roof. >> i just stayed in a hotel last night. i had an electrical fire two nights ago. pole sunk and started a fire in my house. i have been evacuated four times for gas leaks. >> reporter: the private roadway is crackling and crumbling. you can see where the earth is splitting apart. neighbors say it is an old slide reactivated by the rain. >> it gushes out on the road and makes it worse. >> reporter: nice homes built on shaky ground. >> you find out your house is pretty much worthless at this point and everything you invested in a house is unknown. i mean, who would buy a house now on a landslide or whatever this is. >> much of the development in our bay area has occurred on ground not previously recognized to have potential
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for landsliding. >> reporter: what concerns engineering geologist peter anderson of morgan hill is not the water you can still see trickling out of the hillside but the water seeping through the lower ground. >> it takes awhile for the water to get to those zones but when it gets there they tend to act as an antigravity mechanism so that it is more prone then for slides to begin their initiation. >> reporter: that's what may be happening on this hillside in hercules where an entire neighborhood is threatened by a landslide. neighbors say a once flat vacant lot has been transformed into a mound since the slide became apparent. >> we should be vigilent with our hillsides. there are more landslides possibly still to come. >> reporter: and the reason for that is that the surface water is starting to dry out with all the sunshine that we are having
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but that water that is seeping underground, ken, there is nowhere for it to go. it just goes into the layers, finds those dangerous spots, can pool up and can cause these landslides. they say the threat could be with us for a couple weeks based on all the rain we had. >> we got a lot. yes, it is soaking right into the ground. len ramirez, thank you for that. california's drought is officially over. governor jerry brown said so said after getting the latest snow totals from the sierra. water content in the snowpack is 165% of normal. >> it is certainly rather phenomenal year actually when you consider that it is technically a weak elnina. >> that combined with rainfall totals was enough to break the three-year drought that began in june of 2008. how is this for ironic?
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that's one word you could use for it. in some areas water rates are actually rising despite the fact that the reservoirs are full. simon perez is in marin county. simon. >> reporter: the laws of economics, dana, say usually when the supply goes up the price goes down but that law does not apply in marin county. the reservoirs nearly full as you said but this summer customers might have to pay more. >> ironic? life is ironic. >> reporter: and today's installment of irony is brought to you by marin county where despite all the water that is pouring down the mountainsides, the county's water district still says it needs to raise rates. >> worst timing to announce rates going up when the governor is saying the droughts over? >> well, the drought doesn't really have much to do with it. >> reporter: the marin municipal water district sent out a dear customer letter giving notice of a proposed increase of 4%. that if approved it would begin may 1st. they have an abundance of water. as a matter of fact, they have
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will have water for the next two years even if it doesn't rain, you know. but they still raise the rates. i have no answer for that. >> rates are going up because our costs are going up and our revenues have actually been declining a little bit. >> reporter: reservoirs are full but the district needs money to keep the district running no matter how much water there is. >> we had a pipeline rupture that was from 1883. so we have lots of pipe in the ground that needs to be replaced. >> reporter: and the cost of doing business for the district is on the rise. >> what about this idea that health insurance costs more, electricity costs more, chemicals cost more. >> tell me it. >> reporter: marin isn't alone. take look at these hikes proposed or adopted this year. some are approaching nearly 50%. >> i think that the water company just needs to cover themselves. >> first they told us to save and conserve because we conserve because they are not
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making enough money. we didn't get any pay increases. >> of course revenues are going down. how can you use a rationale for raising rates because you asked us to save to start with. >> we have cut costs. we cut $17 million out of our budget this year and our budget is about a $60 million operating budget. so we have saved money where we can. we have used reserves. >> reporter: he says marin's water supply is pretty sensitive to the boom and bust cycles of lots of rain and then drought. he says the county, if it stopped raining tomorrow, would have about two years' worth of water, but compare that to san francisco which he says has four years' full of supply. >> nobody said life was fair. darn it. thank you, simon. all right. we are going to check in with roberta for the latest and find out if we have got more rain coming? >> first, can i tell you something? i just learned this. fire station 10, fire station 18 in oakland.
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huge ken bastida and huge dana king fans. i want to let all those ladies and gentlemen that know that today in oakland, you experienced a record high temperature of 83 degrees shattering the old record of 79 set back in 2008 and, yes, tomorrow will be yet another record breaking day. in fact, let's take a look at those temperatures across the bay area. today we had 6 official record breaking records. napa 86 degrees. four degrees off 90. 82 degrees in san rafael. mountainview had a record high of 79 degrees to round up the pack at 6. now, out and about this evening it is extremely mild. go ahead and get outdoors. in fact, i think i can smell a couple of barbecues right now. overnight tonight, with the clear skies, temperatures into the 40s and 50s. it looks like we have high pressure and it is strengthening producing an offshore flow which will result this one more day of near or record temperatures.
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86 degrees. santa rosa. warmer in oakland at 85. san jose should shatter an old record set back in 1942 as well. we will pinpoint your neighborhood and we will have sunshine. and offshore wind 10 to 15 miles an hour. 80 at the coast in pacifica to 86 degrees in concord. 85 fremont. 87 degrees in brentwood. ken was alluding to the possibility of rain. we have got that back in the forecast on saturday. but meanwhile, dana and ken, we will talk about the pollen report and how it affects all of us coming up next time around. >> thank you, roberta. do you really know what is in your food? what one bay area family learned after just a few days of changing their diets. that's coming up in 2 minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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expose you and your loved ones to a controversial chemical. dr. kim mulvihill shows us how one ea family got in how your food is prepared and packaged may expose you and your loved ones to a
6:24 pm
controversial chemical. dr. kim mulvihill has the story. >> reporter: they changed how they ate all in the name of science. >> i found this research project on craigslist. >> how it involved our family was really to bring in a different way of cooking food and foods. >> we stopped using plastic bottles. >> it was about bpa and if it was in our body. >> reporter: bpa, an industrial chemical found in both cans and plastic packaged foods. some lab studies have linked bpa to serious health problems including breast cancer. the family along with four other bay areas agreed to have researchers measure the chemical in their bodies. >> they found that our levels of bpa before the study were higher than the national average which was shocking. >> reporter: the families were then put on a special diet. researchers dr. connie engel is with the breast cancer fund. >> we brought them three days worth of freshly prepared foods
6:25 pm
that we had been really careful to store in glass containers and to avoid contact with packaging and food preparation items likely to contain those chemicals. >> reporter: after three days of eating a bpa free diet the families were tested again. >> what we found was a pretty dramatic drop. >> reporter: a 60% drop in the levels of bpa and 50% drop in a second chemical. dehp which is also found in some plastic food packaging. the results have changed how the family buy and prepare food. they seek out bpa free products. >> we have stopped using water bottles completely and gone to the stainless steel. >> reporter: in a statement the findings say they are no cause for concern. the substances don't stay in the body. the group says consumers should feel confident in eating canned or packaged foods. as for this family they would rather be safe than sorry. >> it is healthier and better
6:26 pm
to use glass containers or metal containers to eat your food in. >> the researchers say there are some canned foods that are especially high in bpa. those are foods that are acidic, salty or fatty such as coconut milk. the researchers also recommend not micro waving in plastic. >> we were just talking about canned tomatoes. you can now get them. >> buy them in a box. >> but for a lot of people cost can be an issue. i would certainly have you having canned tomatoes that nontomatos. >> so you're trying to save money and now this. seven bay area cities about to raise sales tax. and three of them are going to break the big 10% barrier. >> i think what it will do is spark a renewable energy
6:27 pm
renaissance here in california. >> lawmakers set an ambitious goal for california energy usage promising jobs, savings and a cleaner environment. the only question though is it even realistic? i'm mike sugerman in richmond where housing may took route in a former nursery unless sacramento pulls the plug. >> now are displaced because of the threat in japan. >> the red cross provides food, shelter and medical care to those in need. >> you can support the disaster relief efforts. text red cross to 90999 to make a $10 donation. message and data rates may apply. >> to find out more please visit or call 1- 800-red ross. ,,,,,,
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percent. if you shop in el cerrito and now people in seven bay area cities will see their sales tax rates some spiking above 10%. union city you'll soon pay 10 and a quarter percent. sonoma and santa rosa and others will see increases. those hikes were approved by the voters. we can see sharp increases in the cost of electricity because of new legislation requiring power companies to get a third of their energy supplies from green sources. here is more on why pg&e is fighting that bill. kristin? >> reporter: dana, governor brown is likely to sign that bill but not if pg&e has its
6:31 pm
way. they want the bill changed or they say customers will pay the price with their pocket books. >> i think what it will do is spark a renewable energy renaissance here in california. >> reporter: the mandates that public and private utility companies like pg&e get a third of their energy from green sources by 2020. it failed and hit a snag when pg&e dashed this letter off to governor brown blasting parts of the legislation for creating a so-called seller's market. >> we believe the legislation missed some opportunities to ensure adequate cost protections for our customers. >> reporter: it is true that a 2009 public utilities commission survey estimated that a bill like this would increase energy costs by more than 7%. the study said consumers would likely foot the bill. but he says he has taken care of those concerns. >> we specifically get provisions in the bill that say
6:32 pm
can't have a disproportionate rate impact on pg&e customers. >> reporter: he says other utility companies have hopped on board. >> two of the three investor- owned utilities are for the bill. the two have said they can make this bill can work. why pg&e can't, you'll have to ask them. >> reporter: now, pg&e says if the governor does sign the bill they are looking for to working with him to address some of those concerns and other legislation overall they say they are supportive of these changes. dana? >> all right, thank you. city of richmond wants to join the ranks of several other green cities in the bay area. so it is starting from scratch. mike sugerman on the century old piece of the city that is getting a green makeover. >> reporter: out of a nursery housing may bloom. >> it is beautiful. >> reporter: it's been awhile since people associated roses with richmond but there was a
6:33 pm
time for 100 years, in fact, that this part of the troubled city was green and thriving. >> it is not like it used to be in the 1920st. horse and buggy days. >> reporter: back then tom and his brothers ran a big nursery and did until 2006 with some time out during the 40s when we were put into internment camps. it closed down and has looked like this ever since. it is an eye sore. plans are it won't be any more. and with it comes a whole lot of what struggling richmond needs desperately. >> this project means a new injection of investments, of opportunity, of new housing, new residents, new jobs. >> reporter: it is called the mirror floor's development and will contain 230 units of senior housing and single family homes along with restored open space. along with 300 jobs. many of them helping to clean up toxins left behind. >> as they were using their
6:34 pm
pesticides and different fertilizers, some of the metals and pesticides got into the soil around the site. >> reporter: over the course of 100 years many of the pesticides and paint used legally here all of a sudden became legal as scientists found out what damage they can do. toxic cleanup is secure but funding for the rest of the project isn't. some loans might be needed from the local redevelopment agency and that is among the items on the chopping block as sacramento tries to balance the state budget. >> our future is not certain right now. and we provide gap financing to nonprofits particularly for affordable housing and so that's still a push smart for us. >> reporter: with luck this will open in 2014 if legislators think the state can help. in richmond, mike sugerman, cbs5. the fighting drags on and with it political divisions over the not war in libya. the toll it appears to be taking on the president's
6:35 pm
approval rating. >> i teach piano, organ, i teach vocal. my daughter teaches drums. >> the lessons don't stop there. how this week's jefferson winner is using scales to teach kids an important lesson. self-esteem. time to play baseball for real. i'm dennis o'donnell. we caught the giants super rookie coming out of the manager's office. what was said in that meeting that nearly brought him to tears. coming up. ,,,,
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qaddaffi are on the offensive. they've captured a key oil town, as the united states hands over libyan control to nato forces loyal to moammar gadhafi are on the offensive capturing a key oil town and moved within striking distance of another major city. here is the report from washington. >> reporter: rebels raced to save as moammar gadhafi's forces took back control of a strategic oil town. heavy shelling drove opposition
6:38 pm
fighters east towards the port of brega. even though air strikes have shut down gadaffi's air force his ground troops remain strong. nato planes flew over the area where the fighting was heaviest wednesday but that air support wasn't enough to turn the tide and push back gadaffi's fighters. all this comes on the day when the u.s. transferred control of the air campaign to nato. >> we are very confident that the coalition that we are part of will be capable of succeeding in its mission and pushing back colonel gadaffi's forces. >> hillary clinton and other top administration officials came up to capitol hill to brief lawmakers on libya. leaders from both parties say the president's address monday left a lot of unanswered questions. >> if they had time to consult with the arab league and nato why didn't they have time to consult with us? >> reporter: the u.s. and its coalition partners promise they
6:39 pm
will keep up their air strikes until gadaffi steps down. the obama administration is also deciding if it should provide better weapons to the opposition. but even with all that military might coalition leaders say it is up to the libyan people to decide how to force gadaffi from power. >> it appears the situation in libya is taking a toll on president obama's approval rating. the monthly university poll finds a margin of 48 to 42%. that's the lowest point since he became president in january of 2009. more bad news for the president. the same poll finds voters oppose u.s.-involvement in libya by a margin of 47 to 41%. the fear is spreading throughout japan about tainted seafood from radiation in seawater near the troubled nuclear plant. contaminated water continues to
6:40 pm
seep from the fukushima complex. latest tests show water 300 yards outside that plant contained 300 times the legal limit for radio active iodine. experts say that the radio active particles are unlikely to build up in fish. the death toll from the magnitude 9 quake and tsunami topped 11,000 people. final figure likely could reach 18,000. hundreds of thousands of people are still homeless. coming up after the break. this week's jefferson award winner. record breaking high temperatures today. we will pinpoint the areas that will have record highs for thursday as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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children find their own voice. an east bay woman is using her musical talents to help inner city children to find their own voice. she has served the community for 30 years an continues to use music to inspire other. kate kelly reports on this week's jefferson award in the
6:44 pm
bay area. ♪ how great >> reporter: music is a family affair for roeslyn. whether she is harmonizing with her daughter or recording her next cd she is surrounded by music. >> i teach piano, organ. >> reporter: 13 years ago she started the be sharp acalculatedmy helping children of all circumstances experience what she calls music's gift. >> it helps them with self- esteem. helps them overcome fears because they are in front of people performing. count right here, one, two. >> reporter: that's in perfect harmony with a small woman's shelter in oakland where she has volunteered for over 15 years. >> you can't find faithful people like that every day. >> reporter: nadine scott and her sister started this to help families in crisis providing
6:45 pm
needed beds, food and resources but they say rosslyn brings healing. >> it is drama, it is dance. >> it helped a lot of kids. my kids also. teach them how to be successful in life. >> reporter: and successful in business because she started her own rosslyn is a role model for the entrepreneurial program for teens in the area. >> she doesn't stop with her music. you call her, she is there passing out groceries and clothes. whatever she can do to help somebody she is right there. >> give them something positive so they can feel good themselves and something that can carry them in life. >> reporter: just as music has carried her. >> i help somebody as i have. >> reporter: this week's jefferson award in the bay area
6:46 pm
goes to rosslyn pew. kate kelly, cbs5. >> you can nominate your local heros for a jefferson road online at click the connect button at the top of the page then the jefferson awards to find the e- mail nomination form. so many people went to the beach today. they were just outside. you i gather went to a fire department to hang out with firefighters. >> i just got word from them. i was hanging out with the oakland fire department and oakland pd. they love ken bastida and dana king. the heat was on today. high temperatures from a mild 64 in half moon day to 86 degrees in napa. this is the scene in san francisco where we are still sitting pretty into the mid- 70s. currently let's check out some
6:47 pm
of the temperatures we are sporting in and around our micro climate. 79 to the east in walnut creek. belmont 79. petaluma. 86 today. we had half a dozen record high temps including santa rosa at 85. napa 86. low 80s in san rafael. 82 in san francisco. a brand-new record as well as across the bay at 83 in oakland. it was 79 degrees in mountain view to round up the pack. out and about this evening go ahead, get on outdoors it is mild with numbers in the 70s and still low 80s. overnight with clear skies numbers tumbling to the upper 40s and mid-50s. under the influence of high pressure it is diverting the storm track well to the north of the bay area and as it does so we have got rain blasting into the pacific northwest but we are high and dry with a second consecutive day expected with near or record high temperatures. 86 santa rosa.
6:48 pm
should top off at 85 in oakland and in downtown san jose. flip side of this is that we have the air mass drying out and pollen report suggests that the tree count is on the high side. speaking of highs. 83 degrees in petaluma. east of the bay i believe these numbers are the ones that will pop the most for our thursday. with the offshore wind 10 to 15, pushing it to the body of bay waters, 81 degrees in berkeley otherwise talking mid- 80s in san ramone. into the 80s in the peninsula. mid and high 80s swinging into the santa clara valley. should top off in gilroy. half moon bay jumping up to 74. friday is our transition day. 60s and 70s. breezy. a chance of rain on saturday. then partial clearing sunday. we climb back up on tuesday.
6:49 pm
and that is our pinpoint warm forecast. well it seems, roberta, two big league wishes came true today. i'm dennis o'donnell. the giant and dodger. and a dream come true. next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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giants had to answer in spring training..could pablo sand the answer is a two big questions the giants had to answer in spring training. could pablo sandoval get into shape? the answer is a resounding yes. the second question, who is on first? today we have the answer. brandon bell the new starting first base man with aubrey huff moving to the outfield. three home runs, 13 runs batted in for bell. hour this for your first game? tomorrow, in los angeles against the dodgers. we caught up with bell just moments after he got the news from the manager. >> unbelievable feeling right now. almost doesn't seem real.
6:53 pm
got a lot of emotions right now i'm trying to contain. >> thank you. >> hope i can call my dad here pretty soon. i immediately started crying. i try not to be too big of a wuss in there but i couldn't be happier right now. >> pretty cool to be there when that moment happened. with bell in first baseman travis ishikawa is out. winning a spot in the bull pen. outfielder cody ross on the disabled list aubrey huff will start in right field >> i think i'm ready for it. huff has gotten me used to it a little bit. >> he is in the rookie inn, the
6:54 pm
big leagues. returning to cleveland. a little late though. >> number 6 lebron james. >> boo boo boo. >> he was absent during his introduction. it was a bad night. and despite king james triple double the cavs stung the heat. after the game, james told reporters why he missed that introduction. >> how come you didn't come out when you were introduced at the beginning? >> i was using the restroom. am i allowed to do that? >> i was using the restroom. >> can't blame him for that. hockey last night. keep an eye on shawn thorton. he trips and fell on an opponents skate and went across his forehead. he needed 40 stitches. then somebody on the chicago bench taunted him as he was skating off the ice. >> some stuff said that i'm not
6:55 pm
very happy about. if i ever find out who it was i will deal with it in my own way. >> people have to live with their actions. if you ever found out who it is don't be afraid to send me a christmas card. >> getting the gift of a lifetime. trying out with a major league team. it came just weeks after receiving the worst news of his life. >> it was a mini stroke so i couldn't move. so when the doctors told me after the biopsy i had cancer, i didn't know what to think. i was completely lost. it was very sad. i didn't know what to think but for some reason i did not cry at all. >> reporter: 18-year-old skyline community college baseball player chris ramirez wasn't supposed to be here today according to his doctors. one year after being diagnosed with a brain tumor he is now healthy and in remission. >> i would never think that my son would be so brave. he is a fighter. he has been fighting for his life. >> reporter: his tumor was 2.8
6:56 pm
centimeters when he was diagnosed. now it is the size of a pin head and it hasn't grown in over 13 months. >> they were saying i probably wasn't going to beat it and probably won't be here much longer. it is very dangerous and it probably spread. i didn't listen to what the doctors said i kept going to school with the surgeries and with the chemo and things ended up working out. >> when i play baseball it is like i don't think about anything else. >> reporter: chris got the chance of a lifetime. a real spring training tryout with the dodgers courtesy of the make a wish foundation >> don't show me up. >> reporter: he got his tryout last year when he was diagnosed and the dodgers brought him back this year as a way to celebrate his recovery. >> as soon as i got there i started playing baseball right away. it was real fun meeting everybody there. treated me just like i have home. >> reporter: he is now a red shirt with the skyline baseball team. when his strength is back to
6:57 pm
100% chris will be patrolling the outfield with bigger dreams than ever before. >> i want to say thank you very much for making this possible and i will always carry this for the rest of my life. >> there is more. chris called us today excited as ever to tell us he is being flown down to los angeles to take in opening day between the giants and dodgers. >> wow. >> isn't that great. >> tough kid. >> cool he made the team, bell's story. then things like this really put the whole thing into perspective. >> make a wishes a great thing. clearly the dodgers have taken him in as family, you know. >> it is easy to know who he will be cheering for tomorrow night. >> certainly hope that he may venture over to the other side. beat l.a. >> i don't think so. >> playing for skyline again. >> exactly. >> we are coming back at 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. so we hope to see you then. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: [ male announcer ] dandruff, meet micro-beads. any last wishes? new selsun blue deep cleansing micro-bead scrub goes to the source wiping out flakes before they flake. new selsun blue deep cleansing.
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